Our Specialists: Greenslopes Specialty Clinics

Greenslopes Specialty Clinics


Title First Name Surname Specialty
Dr Neil Allen  Plastic Surgery
Dr John Aukes  Respiratory Medicine
Dr Hugh Bartholomeusz  Plastic Surgery
Dr Paul Belt  Plastic Surgery
Dr Tony Blackwell  Haematology & Medical Oncology
Dr Joseph Blaszczyk  ENT Surgery
Dr Andrew Bofinger  Nephrology
Dr Oben Candemir  Ophthalmology
Dr Alex Chaudhuri Infectious Diseases
Dr Ian Cheung Orthopaedic Surgery
Associate Professor David Colquhoun  Cardiology
Professor William Cooksley Gastroenterology
Dr Ann-Maree Craven Renal Medicine
Associate Professor Carolyn De Wytt  Neurology
Dr Guy D'Mellow  Ophthalmology
Dr John Dyer  Ophthalmology
Dr Stephen Fine  Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Allan Finnimore Respiratory & Sleep Medicine
Dr Wallace Foster  Vascular Surgery
Dr Daryl Hewson  General Medicine
Dr Barry Hickey  Respiratory Medicine
Dr Kenneth Hutchinson  Ophthalmology
Dr Arthur Kaminski Radiation Oncology
Dr Sharon Kelly  ENT Surgery
Dr Narendra Kewal  Cardiology
Dr Peter Kortlucke General Medicine and Geriatric Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr Kim Ku  Hypertension
Dr Janet Huang Plastic Surgery
Dr Julian Lane  Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Chris Layton Ophthalmology
Dr Richard Lewandowski  Plastic Surgery
Dr Keong Lim Gastroenterology
Dr Roshini Malasingam Hypertension
Associate Professor Brendan Moore Pain Medicine
Dr Gary Nielsen  Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr Elisabeth Nye  Endocrinology
Dr James O'Callaghan Pain Medicine
Dr Clive O'Connor  General Surgery
Associate Professor Kerry Outerbridge  Orthopaedic Surgery
Associate Professor Ben Panizza  ENT Surgery
Dr Joseph Park Ophthalmology
Dr Andrew Pearson General Medicine and Geriatric Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr Eric Pertnikovs  Respiratory Medicine
Dr Lisa Phillips  General Medicine and Geriatric Medicine & Rehabilitation
Dr John Preston  Urology
Dr Jason Ray Pain Medicine
Dr Joerg Rhau Orthopaedic surgery
Dr Heinz Rodins Pain Medicine
Dr Daniel Rowe Plastic Surgery
Dr Christine Rowland  Endocrinology
Dr Oswald Rumbach   Ophthalmology
Dr Tim Sullivan Ophthalmology
Dr Sandie Staermose Endocrinology
Professor Michael Stowasser Hypertension
Associate Professor Christopher Strakosch  Endocrinology
Dr Phillip Vecchio  Rheumatology
Dr Phung Vu  Ophthalmology
Dr Ben Wallwork  ENT Surgery
Dr Roger Wilkinson  Cardiology
Dr Martin Wolley Hypertension
Dr Glen Wood  Urology
Dr Sonia Yuen Ophthalmology


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