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The 30 bed Keith Payne Unit, opened in 1996, was named in honour of Australia's only surviving Vietnam Victoria Cross recipient. The Unit has long been one of the State's leading centres for the care and treatment of veterans and war widows suffering from psychiatric disorders such as drug and alcohol problems and post traumatic stress disorder.

The Keith Payne Unit developed one of the first and finest treatment programs in Australia for veterans suffering from war-related post traumatic stress disorder.

Services available through the Keith Payne Unit
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Anger Management Program

The Anger Management program is based on cognitive behaviour therapy. CBT is a well researched psychoeducational treatment approach to the management of many mental health problems, especially Anxiety, Depression, Anger and PTSD based disorders.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Program

CBT is a well researched psycho-educational treatment approach to the management of many mental health problems, especially Anxiety, Depression and PTSD based disorders.

Day Centre Group Program

The KPU Day Centre is located in the Keith Payne Unit, Greenslopes Private Hospital. The Day Centre mental health team offers a wide range of educational and support programs, aimed at assisting individuals to gain coping skills and confidence in many areas of life.

Future Leisure Activities Start Here

FLASH provides KPU patients with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience of a new leisure activity in a community setting. The program allows you to try an activity with low pressure, low cost and lots of support from Occupational Therapists.

Healthy Everyday Living Program

The Healthy Everyday Living Program offers practical assistance to improve your lifestyle.

Living & Leisure

The way we feel about ourselves is closely linked to our activities. If we are engaged in productive or pleasurable activities we tend to feel better about ourselves. Leisure activities become particularly important for people who are not in paid employment. Paid work provides much more than just an income. It gives structure to the day, provides a change of scene and contact with other people. Being productive also improves self-esteem and confidence.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder program

The PTSD Program meets the needs of veterans who are experiencing symptoms related to stress as a result of their war experience. The Program is well respected throughout Queensland and accredited by the Australian Centre for Post Traumatic Mental Health (ACPMH).


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