Greenslopes Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care


Visitors to the hospital can use one of the two main sites for paid car parking:

Multistorey Visitor Car Park 

This has six levels of undercover secure parking and is accessed:

  • Via Gate 3, Newdegate Street
  • Via Gate 6, Nicholson Street

Administration Building Visitor Car Park

This car park is accessed via Gate 1, Newdegate Street. It is closest to:

  • Specialists in the Administration Building
  • Queensland X-Ray (main department)
  • Gastroenterology
  • G10 Medical Consulting Suites
  • Dialysis Centre

Please refer to the map (right side of this page)

Rates (as of 1 August 2017):


Time Cost
 0 - 0.5 hr $6 per exit
 0.5 - 1 hr $12 per exit
1 - 2 hr $18 per exit
2 - 3 hr $20 per exit
3 - 24 hr $25 per exit
Maximum per day $25 per exit
Weekly Ticket  $100 (purchase from on-site pay stations)

Note: A maximum daily rate of $25 applies for the 24 hour period. All rates are inclusive of GST.

Both car parks have an automated ticketing system. Please ensure that you take your ticket with you and pay at the automated pay stations adjacent to the car parks just prior to returning to your vehicle. Payment by cash ($5, $10, $20, $50 notes; $1, $2 coins) or credit and debit cards accepted.

Multistorey Visitor Car Park

Automated pay stations located at each end of the covered walkway to the car park on level 4 just prior to returning to your vehicle. As you depart the carpark on Levels 1 or 4 please insert your paid ticket at the ticket reader to exit. Authorised swipe card holders must enter and exit via Level 1 only.

Adminstration Building Visitor Car Park

Automated pay stations are located outside the Greenslopes Specialty Clinics and in the ground floor foyer of the Admin Building. As you depart the car park please insert your paid ticket at the ticket reader to exit.

Weekly Tickets

Weekly Ticket to be used for each entry and exit. Purchase from the automated machines in the Multistorey Visitor Car Park, outside Greenslopes Specialty Clinics or Admin Building foyer. The weekly ticket can be used to come and go as many times as you wish over a seven (7) consecutive day period, starting from the time of purchase. The ticket will expire at the corresponding time to the purchase time on the 7th day – ie if you purchase the ticket at 9:00pm it will expire at 9:00pm on the 7th day.

Note: Due to the busy nature of the Multistorey Visitor Car Park we cannot always guarantee the customer a parking space in the Multistorey Visitor Car Park.

Disabled Parking

Disabled car parks are available on each level of the Multistorey Visitor Car Park and at various other locations on the hospital campus. Please refer to the hospital map for further locations.

Motorcycle Parking

Motorcycle parking is available via Gates 1, 8 and 12 in the purple shaded areas on the hospital map. There is no fee associated with parking in these areas.

Click here to view a full map showing parking areas