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Coming to Hospital

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Coming to Hospital

In Labour

If you think you are in labour, call your doctor or the Birthing Suites on 07 3394 7328. Please ensure you always ring and let us know when you are coming into hospital.

It can be difficult to tell when labour has started. If you are unsure, you can telephone the Birthing Suites at any time. If there are strong signs of labour, such as your waters breaking, regular contractions or blood loss you should contact the Birthing Suites.

The midwife will ask you about how and where you feel your contractions, how often the contractions come and how long they last. This will help the midwife to know how much your labour has progressed.

Depending on what is happening, the midwife may reassure you that it is okay to stay at home or she may ask you to come into hospital so that you and your baby can be checked.

Please ensure you always ring and let us know when you are coming to Hospital.

The main entry point to the Hospital for maternity is via the multistorey car park and along the walkway to the lifts in the Main Foyer. Take the lift to the Maternity Ward on the second floor, turn left out of the lifts and a midwife or clerical person will meet you and escort you down to the Birthing Suites.

If you are in strong labour, your partner may park in one of the designated Maternity Emergency Drop Off car spaces, accessed via the Main Entrance to the Hospital via Gate 3 on Newdegate Street. These spaces will be clearly signed. Once parked, please proceed directly to the Maternity Ward per the directions above. As these spaces are for short term parking only, your car will need to be moved to the multistorey car park once you are settled in the Birthing Suites.

If you are booked for an elective caesarean section, please present to Main Reception on the Lobby Level for admission where you will be escorted to the Maternity Ward to be prepared for surgery.

Whether you come into hospital in labour or are booked for an elective caesarean section, the care and comfort of you and your baby will always be our focus. Our experienced midwives, doctors and clerical staff work together to form a reassuring support system for you during labour, surgery and delivery.

What to bring to hospital

  • Antenatal record
  • Camera
  • Comfortable clothing and slip on footwear
  • Favourite music (iPod docking stations are available in our Birthing Suites and on the Maternity Ward)
  • Laptop if desired (WiFi is available on request)
  • Lip balm
  • Magazine/book
  • Oil/lotion for massage
  • Preferred snacks
  • Sarong or old t-shirt
  • Spray bottle (non aerosol) for cooling
  • Sweets/lollies
  • Warm socks
  • Breast pads and maternity bra
  • Comfortable clothing for daytime
  • Extra underwear
  • List of people to telephone
  • Maternity pads (three packets are recommended)
  • Nightwear/dressing gown
  • Reading/writing material
  • Slippers
  • Toiletries
  • Any clothes you may wish to dress your baby in
  • Blankets and clothes for going home
  • Formula (if formula feeding)
  • Infant car restraint for day of discharge

NB Baby garments, nappies and cotton wraps can be provided during your stay