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Orthopaedics Ask our Experts

You are likely to have a lot of questions when considering orthopaedic surgery. So we thought we would help by having our Orthopaedic specialists answer some of the most frequently asked and Googled questions.

Questions such as: how soon can I walk after surgery? And what are the different types of hip replacement surgery? Are all questions that we all like to know the answer to before we take the next step of scheduling surgery.

Our Orthopaedic specialists can be found in our find a specialist search here. Most Orthopaedic surgeons will have specialities such as the hip, shoulder, knee, spine, hand and wrist; trauma or reconstruction.

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  • How long does hip replacement surgery take?
  • What are the types of hip replacement surgery and is it major surgery?
  • Can surgery fix tennis elbow and how long does it take?
  • What is shoulder arthroplasty?
  • Can I walk after bunion surgery?
  • Can I walk after foot or ankle surgery?
  • Can you walk after ankle hardware removal surgery?
  • I can’t lift my leg after knee replacement surgery?
  • When is shoulder surgery necessary?