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A decade of care for Cyril Gilbert Cancer Centre

Jul 31, 2019

Cancer survivors have returned to Greenslopes Private Hospital’s cancer centre to help celebrate the day oncology unit’s 10 year anniversary.

The state-of-the art Cyril Gilbert Cancer Centre (CGCC) opened back in 2009, initially treating about 400 patients each month.

The number of patients receiving treatment through the CGCC has more than tripled in the past 10 years.  

Staff numbers have also significantly increased; but the same personalised care has remained. 

Cyril Gilbert Cancer Centre Nurse Unit Manager Michelle Beutel said: “The hospitality staff constantly get thanked and receive great feedback, because of their attention to detail, including remembering people’s coffee orders. Some of these patients come in weekly or fortnightly for year.”  

The 32-chair day oncology unit provides comprehensive medical treatment from when the patient is first diagnosed.   

CGCC also works in collaboration with a large on-site research department, Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation, which has contributed to significant advances in melanoma treatment.   

“When I first started at the centre, melanoma often meant a nine-month life expectancy. We have now got people who have been in remission for five years and we have been part of major clinical trials to change the treatment,” Ms Beutel said. 

The cancer centre is also the main infusion centre for Greenslopes Private Hospital. It delivers treatment for patients diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, renal eye disease, immune allergic reactions, rheumatoid arthritis and neurological disorders. 

“Patients we care for come in quite regularly, so we build really strong relationships with them. They all love the nurses and they are always commenting on how great the care is,” Ms Beutel said.  

The centre takes its name from one of the first veterans who used Greenslopes Private Hospital, after returning from the Burma Railway. Cyril Gilbert worked within the hospital and the veteran community. 

Staff and current and former patients celebrated the milestone with a Hawaiian themed morning tea.