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Greenslopes Private Hospital Urogynaecologists help ostracised Ugandan women

Oct 18, 2022

Greenslopes Private Hospital Urogynaecologists, Prof Judith Goh AO and Prof Hannah Krause AO have returned from their latest trip abroad, volunteering their time to help Ugandan women with gynaecological issues.

The three-week trip in August saw Prof. Goh and Prof Krause operate on 121 women who otherwise would have likely been unable to access care. 

“Each surgery costs a couple of hundred dollars, and with local women earning an average of less than $2 a day, the cost of surgery is beyond their means,” Prof. Goh said. 

“The majority of surgeries we perform are for utero-vaginal prolapse and fistulas. Without these surgeries the women are often ostracised by their husbands and families.

“It’s wonderful to be able to use our skills to help people less fortunate. Thank you to Greenslopes Private Hospital for the ongoing support.”

As well as performing the surgeries for free, the two experienced surgeons also fundraise to cover the patients’ travel expenses and food, but pay for their travel costs out of their own pockets. Greenslopes Private Hospital donates equipment to the project to allow donated funds to be spent on patient care.  

Prof. Goh and Prof Krause have been operating as volunteers in Asia and Africa since 1995. Pre-COVID the pair undertook 3-4 self-funded trips per year and Prof. Goh said it was tremendous to return after nearly three years away due to Covid restrictions.  

In 2011, Prof. Goh and Dr Krause formalised their volunteer work through charity Health and Development Aid Abroad (HADA). Their project, Medical Training in Africa & Asia, now features a large team of volunteer doctors who have helped thousands of women around the world and trained dozens of local health practitioners in the management of women with pelvic floor conditions.

Prof. Goh and Prof. Krause are set to return to Uganda again in December 2022 and March 2023.