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Greenslopes Private Hospital offers new program to treat cancer at home

Feb 28, 2023

Greenslopes Private Hospital has launched the trial of a new oncology service which is allowing a group of Brisbane veterans to undergo some of their cancer treatment from the comfort of their own home.

Greenslopes Private Hospital CEO, Chris Went, said the trial was introduced to offer patients an alternative to coming into the hospital every time treatment is required. 

“We understand that chemotherapy can be a difficult treatment to receive and want to make the process as easy as possible for local patients,” Ms Went said. 

“Chemo at Home saves the time and effort of travel, which can be especially difficult for our less mobile patients. 

“While our Cyril Gilbert Cancer Centre (CGCC) is a wonderful facility with a fantastic team of people, there is nothing quite like the comfort of your own home.

One patient participating in the new service is 82-year-old Paul Feeney, who undergoes two of his three chemotherapy treatments each month from home. 

Mr Feeney said he is more relaxed at home and appreciates the one-one-one time with the nurse to ask any questions he has. 

“It feels good not having to get ready, drive to the hospital, find a park at the hospital and then make my way to Cyril Gilbert Cancer Centre (CGCC),” Mr Feeney said. 

“While I do enjoy going to see the team at CGCC, I like the one-on-one time with the nurse, especially when I have questions.

Mr Feeney chooses to have his treatments on his back deck, one of his favourite places to spend time. 

“The back deck is a great spot. I feel more relaxed while having treatment here.”

The nurse stays with me until the treatment is finished. The team is just wonderful.” 

The vehicle used to transport the clinical team to patients’ homes is proudly sponsored by the Gallipoli Medical Research Foundation. 

The trial at Greenslopes Private Hospital is currently only available to selected Veterans in conjunction with the Department of Veterans Affairs. Patients must live within 15km of the Hospital. Ms Went says she hopes the service can be rolled out to more patients in the future.