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World-class radiation therapy to treat secondary brain tumours

Mar 22, 2019

Radiation Oncology Centres (ROC) in Greenslopes Private Hospital is now offering Varian’s HyperArc™ technology, a new advancement in cancer treatment technology providing a true end-to-end solution for multiple brain metastases.

HyperArc technology utilises the features of the Varian machine that delivers radiation therapy (TrueBeam linear accelerator) to accurately deliver precise radiation therapy and enables a patient’s cancer treatment to be delivered with greater efficiency, accuracy and comfort.

HyperArc enables clinicians to treat multiple tumours with high-doses of radiation therapy and precisely pinpoint the tumours in various locations in the brain – all within a full automated system. It enables accurate tumour targeting while ensuring limited doses to surrounding healthy brain tissue.

HyperArc’s automation capabilities mean patients are on the bed for shorter periods of time than have previously been achieved. Each treatment lasts only a few minutes and the process is completed in the safest way possible with seamless delivery from start to finish.

ROC Radiation Oncologist A/Prof Matthew Foote said this new technology is a milestone in radiation therapy treatments.

“The HyperArc™ technology places Greenslopes at the forefront of exceptional cancer care, both in Australia and in the world. With an increase in new cancer diagnoses each year, providing the latest technology is vital to give people the best possible treatment outcomes,” A/Prof Foote said.

“HyperArc enables us to accurately target up to eight tumours in the brain at once, which previously could not be achieved and would have previously required whole brain radiation. The automation and precision of this type of treatment means patients can also have fewer side effects, allowing them to continue on with their day to day lives.”

ROC Greenslopes offers the latest in radiation therapy technology and techniques and has the capacity to deliver 9,000 treatments annually.

The HyperArc software at ROC Greenslopes is only the second in Australia and could benefit up to 100 patients this year alone.

World-class radiation therapy to treat secondary brain tumours

Associate Professor Matthew Foote and Clinical Lead Radiation Therapist Kurt Burrows with the TrueBeam linear accelerator and the HyperArc system