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Hearts 1st celebrates 21 years at Greenslopes Private Hospital

Oct 28, 2021

It was the first fully digital cardiology lab outside of the USA and now Hearts 1st is celebrating another massive achievement - 21 years at Greenslopes Private Hospital.

Doctor Roess Pascoe opened Hearts 1st at Greenslopes back in 2000 with four staff members. It now boasts a dedicated team of 51 employees, including seven cardiologists. 

“It’s hard to believe that it’s been 21 years since Hearts 1st opened at Greenslopes and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved together.  We have consistently adhered to the ideal of excellence and our slogan ‘we take the time to find the right answers’ is as important to us now as it was in the beginning,” Dr Pascoe said.   

"Transitioning to digital echo images was an incredible breakthrough in the world of echocardiography because previous studies were recorded on tape. This allowed us to share images with referring doctors and surgeons in seconds. 

“Other major changes we have seen over the years include the widespread uptake of Stress Echocardiography in place of Exercise Stress Testing.  This has enabled the collection of far more accurate data and therefore improved cardiac diagnostics,” he said. 

In addition to its devotion to patients, Hearts 1st has also been a leader in training cardiologists and cardiac sonographers. Ten cardiologists have completed the Hearts 1st Echo Fellowship program whilst the lab has trained more than 30 cardiac sonographers who have taken the Hearts 1st protocols into other practices. 

Having called Greenslopes home for more than two decades, Dr Pascoe said some of his treasured memories include the hospital’s annual Christmas traditions such as ward decoration competitions, Executive singing carols and the sight of gifts waiting in the foyer for St Vincent de Paul to collect. 

“Twenty one years ago our windows looked out onto the hospital driveway and gardens long before the foyer was built and departments overlapped.  We knew that the hospital had expansion plans but never imagined it would grow and diversify to the extent that we’ve seen. Being literally at the heart of that has in turn, made us strive to be more effective through innovation in order to meet demand without reducing our high level of cardiac care,” Dr Pascoe said. 

“It’s been a splendid roller coaster of a journey thus far and H1’s second motto ‘onward and upward’ will ensure it will continue to remain so”. 

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